Tan Commandments

Tan Commandments

1. Hit the shower – Rinse off dirt and oil to prep your skin for the tanner.

2. Groom your gams – Wait till the end of your shower to defuzz legs so you get the closest shave.

3. Scrub off dead, flaky skin – Rub an exfoliator all over your body – except where you’ve just shaved – to create a smooth surface. Rinse well and dry.

4. Butter up – Slather on a lightweight moisturizer from head to toe, laying it on thick over rough areas like elbows, knees, and feet. It will act like a primer!

5. Work your way to the top – Apply a squirt of bronzer to your palm. Working quickly, smooth it over your feet, legs, and body. Repeat. While applying, keep your fingers together and your wrist lifted, letting your wrist tough your skin can create smudges and streaks (and give you a freakishly tan wrist!).

6. Face it – Put the first dab of colour on your cheeks and work your way outward, blending well under your neck and at your hairline for an authentic sun kissed look. Then lightly tough your eyelids and the tops of your ears before you say, “Done!”

7. Air dry – Once you’re entirely coated in a thin layer of tanner, wash your palms well. Then comes waiting time Stand around – don’t sit – for at least 10 minutes. Fight the urge to fidget, wiggle, scratch, bend, or move around in general. (Hey, getting gorgeous isn’t always easy!) It’s safe to get dressed when your skin is no longer moist to the touch. If you colour seems light, don’t rush to reapply: Your skin tone will deepen a couple of shades in two hours or so. If you want quicker colour, try a formula that goes on tinted.

8. Erase your mistakes – If you see any uneven spots, telltale tan lines, or brown-stained palms when your faux glow shows up, rub a tan-removing concoction of one-part lemon juice to one-part salt over the snafu. Or try Tan Remover.