Monofibre Hair Extensions in London

We have the best Specialists in Monofibre Hair Extensions in London. We work in in monofibre hair extensions, widely used by celebrities. Excellent for creating your own individual style in any colour or length. The monofibre extension is three times lighter than your own hair leaving you with soft looking healthy hair. The application and removal is simple, no glues or chemicals are used, leaving your hair damage free. At Three V Hair Salon, we provide a number of different types of hair extensions. As well as monofibre hair extensions you can choose: Dreadlocks European or Afro hair types, dreadlock maintenance and treatments, Including removal of dreadlocks. We can also create Dreadlocks using the monofibre hair extension technique, see above. Feathers Hair A unique, natural and beautiful way to bring a new life to your hair.

Monofibre Hair Extensions: Aftercare


Monofibre hair extensions are easy to maintain and last approximately 3 – 4 months. We recommend that your hair is at least 3 inches in length and that you have a ‘tidy up’ appointment 6 – 8 weeks after application. A tidy up is to replace any hair extensions that may have loosened with a complimentary wash and blow-dry.


Monofibre hair extensions are lighter than your natural hair, the colours will not fade, the hair will not frizz and never again will you experience a split end.
Monofibre was specifically designed for hair extensions, to out perform your natural hair. It is rich, soft and silky from the day it is applied to the day it is removed, thus giving you the hair you’ve always wanted. Monofibre hair extensions do not have a mind of their own.


Monofibre hair extensions are the only tried, tested and proven system over 27 years

Although they were the very first hair extensions, they have been streamlined and developed to produce natural stylish looks and to date it is still the most modern and advanced hair extension system.


No damage is caused to the client’s natural hair as no glues, solvents or acetones are used in application or removal. It is a safe, hair friendly service.
Any array of colour can be created and you will see the stylist mixing it in front of your own eyes to tailor make it to your individual requirement. Therefore you are safe in the knowledge that the colours that are mixed together will be truly as you envisaged.