eyebrow waxing

eyebrow waxing

Beautiful or bushy eyebrows

Some women are blessed with beautiful eyebrows. They may not have to touch them at all, or they may just have to pick off a few stray hairs here and there. I am not one of these women. My eyebrows are bushy, and because I have curly hair, the hairs can have kinks in them and stick out at odd angles. It’s frustrating, and there used to be days that I thought for sure they had taken over my face. A few years ago I got tired of trying to make them behave, and I dove into the world of eyebrow waxing.

Studying the shape of your face

You have to study the shape of your face before you decide what to do with your brows. If you have a round face, or a pudgy face, you have to leave them a little on the thick side. I have a round face and my too thin brows added weight to my face. After that session of eyebrow waxing I decided to let them grow in so I could give it another go. I had to tweeze the stray hairs that were coming in, and I felt self conscious about the half grown hairs popping everywhere. It’s what I had to do to start all over again though.

Work with the natural shape of your brows

Another thing to consider before eyebrow waxing is the natural shape of your brows. You don’t want to try to morph them into something that they won’t do naturally. The point is to take the extra off, but to not totally reshape your brows. Each brow has it’s own natural shape, and they will look the best if you work with that shape. If you try to use eyebrow waxing to totally redesign your brows, you are going to make mistakes and you are going to make it worse.

Professional eyebrows waxing

If you don’t know what you are doing, you might want to get professional eyebrow waxing done. It won’t cost you very much, and you can be pretty confident that you will get the right touch. I have only gone once for professional eyebrow waxing, and I think I will be going back again. They were quick yet careful, and they did a very good job. It turned out to be less painful than when I have done it myself at home, and when someone else is looking at your brows, they have a better chance of keeping them even and looking good.

Every women wants to look at her best so before using eyebrows waxing think about the shape of your face and brows.