Is there a difference between high priced skin care products and drugstore brands?

Is there a difference between high priced skin care products and drugstore brands? The answer to that is yes. First of all, before a skin care product is produced, there is a lot of research and development that goes into the making of the product, therefore the cost is included into the new product. Secondly, higher priced products contain a higher percentage of the active ingredients then the drugstore brands, therefore the higher priced products will be more effective and the results will be seen faster. Thirdly, the packaging for higher priced products is usually more expensive. After all most women do not want to fork out Five Hundred dollars or more for a product that is in a cheap package. Working for a company which developed, produced and marketed their own range of products I found that our sales girls had a hard time selling. The products were fairly decent to use, some were even excellent. This was a small family business who sold their products over seas to other spas, in other countries with excellent sales. So why was it so difficult to sell the products’ locally? Feed back from local consumers was, packaging. Our customers where more willing to buy from higher end counters and pay more money because of the packaging.

Does that mean drugstore products are bad? No, because the active ingredient percentage is less and the packaging is cheaper, that is why they can sell at a lower price, which does not make it ineffective. The results you expect just takes longer to achieve. There are a lot of high end companies that put out drugstore brands with one example being Lancome. Lancome owns L’Oreal, which puts out drugstore products. Not only do they have a wide range of skincare and are continuously developing new and improved formulas, they also have their hair care line, all of which have the benefit of Lancome’s research and development behind it. There are many higher end companies out there that also produce lower priced products, so ultimately at the end of the day you get what you pay for.