Are you happy with your hair?

Are you happy with your hair?

Have you ever wished for more length or volume? Or perhaps you have wanted straighter hair or even curlier hair especially without having to spend hours styling it? You could have all these and more by wearing Monofibre Hair Extensions.

Monofibre outperforms natural hair, keepin it’s soft silky lustre for the life of the extensions. Monofibre is to hair, as lycra is to synthetic.

Hair extensions using Monofibre us a skill performed only by professional hair stylists. they will look completely natural and be totally undetectable.

Only a low controlled heat is used to secure them, meaning that there will be no damage to your natural hair or scalp.

You will be pleasantly surprised at it’s affordability.

Monofibre does not have a mind of its own, lie your own hair.

Monofibre Extensions are lighter than human hair making them comfortable to wear but allowing maximum body and lift.

The colour is custom matched to your own hair in the salon by mixing several colours together to blend naturally with your own hair.

the olours never fade even when exposed to sinligght, salty or chorine water so swimming and sunbathing do not affec them.

You can war Monofibre Hair extensions purely to add more volume or colour.

Application is quick and should not take any longer than 3 hours for ful transformation.

They last for 3 – 4 months but can be removed sooner if desired.

Gentle hear can be applied to Monofibre Extensions.

Removal is fast and comfortable using a clip and takes no longer than 45 minutes.

No chemicals are used in the process.

Make sre that your stylist is really using Monofibre as DOME is the inventor, manufacturer and sole supplier of the product and it is what we use as Three V Hair Salon.

For a consultantion, contact Three V Hair Salon. Your stylist will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Phone: 020 7229 5945